I am a passionate photographer from the UK, now based in New York City, with experience in travel, weddings, property, events and music photography.

My interest in photography started as a small boy, when my dad gave me my first real camera for my 13th birthday. I remember spending hours crawling around the undergrowth taking pictures of all the strange creatures living amongst the flowers and rocks, and would often wander off on my own on family holidays to search out pictures of everything around me.

This interest remained until I started my A-levels when I focused on my studies and photography took a back seat. Then whilst at university in Nottingham I suddenly had an urge to pick up a camera again and began to drive out into the Peak District and Derbyshire on a regular basis as a means to relax. It was during this time that I realised photography was where my passion really lay and I set about getting as much experience and practice as I possibly could.

I am self-taught and I feel this allows me to approach a photograph in my own un-regimented way, enabling me to create images that are individual and unique.

With extensive experience in customer service roles I am able to guarantee a thoughtful and professional approach to my work, whatever the occasion.

If you like what you see on this site and would like to discuss ideas for any event or project you might be planning then please contact me on info@cjkitphoto.com and I will be pleased to help.